1920's One of a kind Milk Glass with screw in Oil Rubbed Bronze metal base


One of a kind early 1920's Antique Milk Glass with a very unusual screw in metal base now finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze, now a beautiful pendant light with oil rubbed bronze finish shade/holder/canopy rewired with solid brown woven wire and ready to install in your home/business.

This exquisite antique light fixture seamlessly combines the timeless elegance of milk glass with the rustic charm of oil rubbed bronze finish, creating a stunning piece that captures the essence of antique lighting. The shade, crafted from opalescent milk glass, exudes a soft and diffused glow when illuminated, casting a warm and inviting ambiance in any space.

The original steel screw on base now has a beautiful oil rubbed bronze finish and adds a touch of antique sophistication. The combination of milk glass and oil rubbed bronze only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reflects the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

With its classic design and durable materials, this light fixture serves as both a functional lighting solution and a captivating decorative element. Install it in your home to evoke a sense of nostalgia and add a distinctive character to your interior decor. Whether suspended in a foyer, dining room, or any other living space, this antique milk glass and copper light fixture is sure to become a focal point, radiating timeless charm and enduring beauty.

Fixture Details:

Antique Milk Glass & Oil Rubbed Bronze Shade - 1920's

Width: 10"

Height: 7 1/2"

Shade holder: 3 1/4"

Wire: Brown Woven Wire  

Hardware: Original Milk Glass & Oil Rubbed Bronze Shade, new holder & canopy in Oil Rubbed Bronze

SKU: 1526


Please note this is a antique fixture and was preowned. Shade is in good condition but will have slight imperfections due to age and is sold as is.

***Note***: Please note that I have a unique situation as far as shipping goes. My shades/fixtures are stored off site and I will need 2 weeks to make and ship your fixture. If this is a rush order please reach out and I will do my best to get your fixture to you as fast as I possibly can.

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