Antique Translucent Fluted Milk Glass 9" Shade now a beautiful Pendant Light with Black Hardware


Early 1900's Translucent fluted Milk Glass 9" Shade now a beautiful Pendant Light with Black Hardware & Black & White houndstooth wire now ready to install in your home.

Please note this shades only comes with Black Hardware as I needed to use this hardware so the shade is secure in the holder. You will get an option at checkout to choose your own wire.

Shade Details:

Shape: Translucent fluted Milk Glass

Shade Holder: 2 1/4"

Diameter: 9"

Height: 3 3/4" 

Hardware: Black Hardware

Wire: Black & White Houndstooth

Type: Hard-wired pendant

Standard Wire Length: 36"

Total Drop: Adjustable at install

Max Wattage: 100 watts

UL rated components

Socket: 250W / 250V

SKU: 1148

If you would like to choose your own Wire selection, you'll make your wire selection when you add it to your cart.

Wire Options: Solid White Woven, Gold & White Houndstooth, Black & White Houndstooth, Solid Brown Woven, Red & White Zig Zag, Solid Red Woven, Black & White Houndstooth, Solid Black Woven, Black Rubber


Please note this is a vintage/antique shade and was preowned. Shade is in good condition but will have slight imperfections due to age and is sold as is.

***Note***: Please note that I have a unique situation as far as shipping goes. My shades/fixtures are stored off site and I will need 2 weeks to make and ship your fixture. If this is a rush order please reach out and I will do my best to get your fixture to you as fast as I possibly can.

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